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Melbourne is also the home of CSIRAC illustrated above.


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Profectus Pty Ltd
1 Myrtle Road
Victoria 3126


+61 3 98305026


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QR Code If your mobile (cell) phone supports QR codes use it to decode this image and contact us by email, telephone or text message.


If you wish to send us large amounts of data (over about 6MB) we suggest you use our FTP server. Simply copy your file(s) into the Upload directory. Although anybody can write to this directory your data is secure because only Profectus staff can read the directory. If we have data for you it will be in a compressed file in the top-level directory. Although anybody can read this directory only you will be given the password required to read the contents of (uncompress) the file. If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer you can use it to copy files as you would with the Explorer on your desktop. Otherwise, any FTP client can be used.


You may use any original content on this site, except the Company name and logo, under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Attribution should be to David Segall, Profectus Pty Ltd. Please do not copy any images from this site. I believe that incorporating the image constitutes "fair use" but many have been included without permission from the copyright holders. The Credits page indicates the source of some freely available images.

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