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David Segall

David David has over thirty years' experience in Information Technology. In 1970 he left his position as Chief Programmer with H.C. Sleigh Ltd to join G. Farley and Associates (now Atac Pty Ltd) and, in 1975 he formed his own company, Profectus Pty Ltd. He usually provides his programming and consulting services at the request of major IT consultants but he has also serviced a number of clients directly.

He has written programs in many languages ranging from assembler for IBM System 360 and Motorola and Intel microcomputers to COBOL, Fortran, Lisp, C, Java and Visual Basic. His database experience ranges from simple direct access files to SQL using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Derby and Sybase.

David has used most of the major hardware platforms available including "mainframes" from IBM, Honeywell, ICL and Control Data. He has also constructed and programmed some of the first microcomputers available in Australia. A primitive information retrieval program for a home built Motorola 6800 kit won him a prize for "best software" from "Electronics Today International" magazine.

David's application experience includes the development of commercial systems in insurance, real estate, manufacturing, research and human resources. He has also assisted companies, trade unions and professional practices to select the hardware and software best suited to their needs.

David currently works with both Linux and Microsoft operating systems and has been writing programs in Visual Basic and Java. He is a member of the Australian Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery .

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Except as noted the above programs use Microsoft Access as the database and are written in Visual Basic.

The programmers in the heading are identified on the credits page.

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