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The displays in the heading are identified on the credits page.

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"Fluid design" and multiple columns

According to the alt.html FAQ, fluid design means that "a website takes up all the space allocated to it by the browser". Purists insist that it is possible to design a web page for any display from a mobile phone - mine is 240x320 pixels - to a High Definition television (1920x1080). They reject the fixed width web page. A different, equally simple solution adopted in this paragraph, is to fill the entire width. This meets the definition of "fluid design" but makes the text too wide to read comfortably on a wide screen monitor. A number of clever attempts have been made using only CSS and HTML to vary the number of columns based on the viewport width. Richard Rutter describes them as "variable fixed width". Amazon does not attempt an HTML/CSS solution when it shows you its recommendations. It uses Javascript in the browser to inform their server how many items it should show across the page.

The obvious answer is a multi-column, newspaper style, layout that is implemented in the browser but Netscape dropped the multicol tag after version four and no other browser implemented it. Mercifully, it is coming back. This page demonstrates the CSS3 multi-column element. You can see the effect if you use Firefox or another recent Mozilla or Webkit based browser and you resize your viewport or change the font size. Ctrl + and Ctrl - can be used for the latter. The style elements that are used in this page are currently Mozilla and Webkit extensions. They track the CSS3 specification so they should be universally available soon. Meanwhile, if a browser does not support the multi-column styles, the following paragraphs will be too wide, just like this one. The .column class style has been included in this page so that you can use your browser's "View Source" to see it.

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