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Shirley Bourne 1924-2006

The paintings and portrait notes on this page were found by Shirley Bourne's niece who has given them to us. The misshapen pictures are caused by the camera not being at right angles to the page but the pictures provide a reasonably accurate impression. I identified the portraits as being of Robert and Gerda but they could be someone else. There was a painting of a man in white bathers holding a pole as described in Shirley's notes but I am almost sure it was not Robert. Only one of the paintings was signed which indicates Shirley's opinion of the other two.


Click on the photographs below for an enlarged image.

Robert Framed Robert framed and signed

Gerda Gerda

Robert Robert

Portrait Notes

Sometime, fairly recently, Shirley decided to document her portraits. Shirley's notes are mainly reminiscences about the Segall family.

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